From cutting-edge knowledge to clear summaries

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, climate change, micro-pollutants in water supplies, the energy transition, or indeed the epidemiological transition… These are just some of the topics firmly on the global agenda. At key junctures, everybody – the general public, the media, decision-makers – needs a clear synthesis of the over-abundant information on these complex matters. Depending on the target audience and the topic, this synthesis can fit in a few sentences, or take the form of a report, with attractive and informative illustrations always being a key component.

> Antimicrobial Resistancetext and illustrations for a website on antibiotic resistance for bioMérieux.

> National Vaccination Strategy – Short version leaflet and pdf for the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

> CO2 und Klima / Réchauffement climatique (in German and French) Climate change – an animated Internet page summarizing the main expected consequences around the world.