Knowledge becomes a playful experience

A stand, a museum room, an outdoor layout, a temporary exhibition: these are all challenges to be met in order to convey a scientific message. At the same time, it is necessary to offer the public playful and interactive aspects, without betraying the scientific and technical content.

Lighted vault to present the course of the sun
“Illumination on kilowatt-hours”, design and assistance in the creation of a permanent room for the Electrobroc Museum in canton Fribourg, where the public can familiarize themselves with the world of electricity – and in particular with the consumption of electrical appliances and the quality of lighting (2018)
exp'air, interactive police investigation into air pollutants
EXP’AIR, creation of a communication concept around a “police investigation” game to explain air pollutants and their dangers to secondary school students. Designed for the State of Geneva, in collaboration with Studio KO (2012)
Interactive exhibition Journey into an inland sea, relive the adventure of fertilization
“Journey to an inland sea”, an interactive exhibition to bring to life the various stages of fertilization in humans – from ovulation to implantation of the embryo in the uterus. Intended for the general public, the exhibition begins with an ovary lottery: ovum, or no ovum? Created for Serono, in collaboration with a contemporary artist and a theatre designer (2001)
Scientific instruments
Design of a set of large measurement instruments to be operated by the public, for the Museum of the History of Sciences (Geneva). These instruments are inspired by the collection housed in the museum. This sundial sphere is a model designed by René Béguin (2000).