Websites become Internet references

Making a website attractive to search engines requires user-friendly and interactive content, informative graphics (animated if necessary), well organized menus, titles, texts and images. It is also necessary to design the pages so that they can adapt to different screen sizes (a so-called responsive website). Not to mention the “metadata” that describe the site, its pages and their content. And it is of course necessary to keep information up to date and check links to other web sites regularly.
icones-vaccination (in French, German and Italian) • Communication in Science completely redesigned this vaccination website, now aimed not only at health professionals, but also at the general public. About one hundred icons were created to represent pathogenic microorganisms and their targets: human beings. This website jumped from 1’000 visits per day before being redesigned, to over 50’000 visits per day. (in French and German) • Created by Communication in Science to provide more than 500 practical tips to save energy and preserve biodiversity and our living environment. It receives at least 6’000 visits per day.