Challenges become means of action

For more than 10 years, we have been developing, the official information platform of the cantonal energy and environment departments in Switzerland. Every year, over one million visitors access this website. On, it often comes out first when looking for information on buildings and energy, the consumption of electrical appliances, waste recycling or many small problems related to everyday life. This success stems from the site offering answers and practical solutions to questions that people ask themselves, instead of providing information that people are not looking for.

Our professional ethics and deontology have always pushed us to favour assignments dealing with environmental or public health issues that require urgent action and/or adaptation. Through our experience combining science, journalism, consulting and graphic design, we strongly hope to make contributions that will make a difference.

> Swiss Antibiotic Resistance Strategy , web pages describing the implementation of this strategy in the human domain.

> Mixing tap & Co, animated web pages and pdf documents to save heating energy on a daily basis.

> Garden Charter, 10 good gardening and maintenance practices to promote biodiversity in private gardens and public green spaces.